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The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: More On The Reinvention Of Elena And Her New Look

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: More On The Reinvention Of Elena And Her New Look

The Vampire Diaries doesn't return until next Thursday, March 14th, but Elena's new attitude and sassy new look are all the buzz!! According to Julie Plec, Elena will be feeling quite feisty when the show returns with "Bring It On", and will get into a fight with one of her bestie's. Plec also spoils that Elena's mini-reinvention has been a long time coming and fans will love Elena's evolved style.

Not only will she taunt both Salvatores with her nakedness (sounds a little Katherine-esque, right?), but she'll get in a major fight with her BFF Caroline. And we're not talking a war of the words, but an all-out physical brawl. Who do you think wins?

“I said to the wardrobe people and Nina [Dobrev], ‘We’re burning everything. So if there are one or two things that you’re damn sure you want to keep, she better be wearing them when she walks out the door.’ I think Nina chose a jacket and a pair of boots and we called it a day,” she says.

“She had a very, very, very specific and safe style for the first three seasons, and this year, we evolved it a little bit when she became a vampire and had a little more freedom in her choices. But now we literally packed up all her clothes and put them into storage and bought her a new wardrobe.”

So how’s it going to look? “It’s just a little hipper, a little more contemporary — more skirts and belts and accessories, and she gets a great new haircut in two episodes and has a little fun with hair color. It’s been really fun to give her a new attitude,” Plec adds.

Source: TV Guide, EW