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Exclusive: Vampire Diaries Episode 12 ”Unpleasantville” : Katherine and Pearl Scene

Exclusive: Vampire Diaries Episode 12 ”Unpleasantville” : Katherine and Pearl Scene

We've heard that Vampire Diaries was casting an attractive Chinese apothecary for the town of Mystic Falls (or should we say, Flashback Falls in this case), and even that Kelly Hu might have been cast as Pearl. But now we actually have a copy of the casting sides that detail the scene in which Pearl tries to sell Katherine (a vampire!) vervain, and then finds herself in danger.

Let's take a look at an excerpt, shall we?

Pearl: Do you have a favorite scent, Miss Pierce? I can distill something exclusively for you, if you like. I also make toiletries for men, herbal teas and home remedies using only the best local botanicals.

Katherine: Everything smells lovely, Zhen Zhu. That's a pretty name. What does it mean?

Pearl: It means 'Pearl'. I'm thinking of using the English translation. Easier for customers to pronounce. (Back to business) What will you try today?

After discussing several different perfumes, Pearl dabs a little scent on Katherine's wrist: something that a few of her customers had been going crazy for.

Pearl: Refreshing?

Katherine scratches at her wrist, clearly in distress.

Katherine: It is, but... my skin seems to be upset. What did you say this is?

Pearl: Verbena. The locals here call it 'vervain.'

Katherine flips out and grabs Pearl by the neck, wondering if someone had sent Pearl on purpose with the substance... but of course, Pearl had no idea that Katherine was a vampire (and, I believe, is still unaware).

Katherine: The vervain. Who buys it?

Pearl offers information freely, eager to calm Katherine.

Pearl: The Forbes and the Lockwoods, the Fell girls, the Gilberts. And just last week, Mr. Salvatore had some shaving cream custom blended. A gift for his sons.

Katherine orders Pearl to leave at the end of this dramatic scene - the kind of dark comedic drama Vampire Diaries does best. BUT this is not the only scene we got our hands on... in another sure-to-be heartbreaking moment, Pearl and her daughter May share a cup of tea as they discuss the battle raging outside and how they should sleep in the cellar, just to be safe. But Pearl has something else that she needs to share with her fifteen-year-old daughter:

Pearl: All that fighting out there. Union, Confederate. That's tnot the only war going on in Mystic Falls.

May: They're coming for us, aren't they? Because we're different from them?

Pearl: They don't know about you yet. I'd like to keep it that way.

May: You're going to run.

Pearl: I leave tonight. When I get somewhere safe, I'll send word. Do you think you can be on your own for a little while?

May: You let me mind the store alone all the time.

Pearl: This isn't the same. They don't want to chase us to the town limits. They want us dead.

May: I'll go with you.

Pearl: You'll drink your tea and go sleep in the cellar. If they find us together... they won't ask questions. We're safer if we're apart. No matter what happens, you'll wait for me here?

May promises, and mother and daughter spend their last few minutes together. I wonder if this scene is at all related to what Jasmine Guy (Bonnie's grandmother) told Watch With Kristen:

"There's this whole inner life between the witches and the vampires where there's this pact between the two forces that they won't expose each other. So I'm excited to explore that."

So, who is coming for May and Pearl? Who wants them dead? Vampires, witches, or humans? And why are May and Pearl different? And who doesn't know about May? Maybe these spoilers bring up more questions then they could possibly answer, but it sounds as if the next Flashback Falls episode is going to be chock-full of juicy Vampire Diaries goodness.

Source: Vampire Diaries @ Spoilers Guide