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This Is Us Spoilers: Producers previews Randal-centric hour 'Number Three'; Chrissy Metz talks Kate's future

This Is Us Spoilers: Producers previews Randal-centric hour 'Number Three'; Chrissy Metz talks Kate's future

This Is Us bosses Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger have previewed what to expect from next week's Randal-centric hour titled "Number Three," while also teasing a cliffhanger by the end of the episode. 

Star Chrissy Metz, meanwhile, talked about how Kate's miscarriage will affect her journey moving forward, specifically in terms of her relationship with Toby and her mother, Rebecca. 


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Producers on Randall's story:

In the past, Randall and Jack head to Washington, D.C., to go on a college tour and learn some unexpected truths about each other. And in the present… something crazy and totally unexpected happens in Randall and Beth’s life, and to say any more would be ruining it.

On the fall finale's ending: 

We definitely end on a cliffhanger.

We also wanted to feel a completion to this trilogy of episodes that we just told, so hopefully by the time that the third one ends, all three will feel very of a piece and also feel like we’re propelling toward the second half of the season.

It’s that rare blend of everything feeling resolved — and yet completely up in the air. We need a word for that.


Metz on what she can tease about Randall's episode: 

There are so many discoveries that we're going to understand about how Randall felt and about his inability to be flexible — because he's very rigid — and how he felt as a kid and as a teenager growing up and his backstory and what shaped his decisions, and why he was, for instance, attracted to Beth, and how they got together.

It's going to be really good, and really different. I'm just excited for everybody to see. Niles [Fitch], who plays the young Randall, is just fantastic. It's just really cool to find out what it is that shaped all of the characters in to their adulthood. We're going to discover a lot about that.


On Kate's relationship w/ Rebecca moving forward: 

Moving forward, they’ve extended these olive branches to one another, and I think that they cracked open their real, true feelings in a relationship and are being vulnerable, because for so long, it was so covered in resentment and anger, as opposed to the hurt and the sadness. So, yeah, we’re definitely going to see them closer and getting closer as time goes by. And just getting to know one another as adults, and creating a real relationship between a mother and a daughter.


On her future journey after the devastating loss: 

We’re going to find out what and how both of these really huge events in Kate and Kevin’s life have affected their relationship and the family as a whole, and it’s going to be real freakin’ good. We did a scene the other day that was, like, epic. I mean, yeeeeeahhhh. It’s like a 12-minute scene. It’s incredible.


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