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The Walking Dead Spoilers: Who is Negan?

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Who is Negan?

Come February, fans of The Walking Dead will finally meet Negan, the iconic villain from Robert Kirkman's comic book series. On the TV version, the character will be played by The Good Wife's Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 

To give you an idea on what kind of impact he'll bring to Rick and co. in the remaining episodes, check out the latest teasers we've learned from showrunners Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple. 

Get the scoop below: 

Kirkman on how different the TV version of Negan from the comics:

Negan is the leader of the Saviors. He’s the new biggest threat, possibly the biggest ever threat that’s ever been introduced in the “Walking Dead.” We’ve announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing him, and he’s an absolutely amazing actor. He checks every box needed for Negan, which is he’s very personable. You like this guy. He’s very funny. But he’s also extremely intimidating. Very powerful. Just a very wide range of personality traits that Negan encompasses. It was very difficult to find somebody who did check all those boxes. But I’m very happy to do say Mr. Morgan does. Negan himself is a catalyst who fundamentally changes what we’re doing with “The Walking Dead” and how these characters exist and really messes a lot of things up for Rick in a lot of terrifying ways. There’s a lot of cool stuff in store for the “Walking Dead” fans when he debuts.

Gimple on Negan and what makes him different from The Governor:

In my opinion, The Governor is more despicable and damaged. Negan is terrifying in that he isn’t a psychopath. He’s charismatic and funny. And even sort of friendly. But he just kills, and it doesn’t bother him. He’s the star of his own movie and we’re all Red Shirts. He’s not nuts. But you can’t reason with him because he’s got it all worked out. He knows exactly the way the world works. And he’s the one in control. Negan also has a bizarre sense of empathy. He actually recognizes your bad luck in you running into him, yet it doesn’t change a damn thing. Robert [Kirkman] has created one of the great pop culture characters of the past 20 years. And we desperately want to get him right.


Source: Variety, TV Line