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The Walking Dead Episodes

The Storm (Season Finale)

Season 9 Episode 16

Air Date: 2019-03-31

In the aftermath of an overwhelming loss, the communities must brave a ferocious blizzard...

The Calm Before

Season 9 Episode 15

Air Date: 2019-03-24

The fair at the Kingdom is underway, with all four communities coming together in celebration for the first time in years...


Season 9 Episode 14

Air Date: 2019-03-17

An outsider's arrival forces Alexandria to rehash devastating old wounds...


Season 9 Episode 13

Air Date: 2019-03-10

Daryl's daring rescue mission forces Alpha to unleash a group of her own to retrieve what belongs to her, even if the price is paid in blood...


Season 9 Episode 12

Air Date: 2019-03-05

While one community struggles to ease tensions that threaten to divide from within, the true nature of another group comes into focus....


Season 9 Episode 11

Air Date: 2019-02-24

The savage group led by Alpha confronts the Hilltop in a harrowing attempt to retrieve her daughter....


Season 9 Episode 10

Air Date: 2019-02-17

A captive or a refugee? A new arrival at the Hilltop opens up about the leader of a group of mask-wearing savages....


Season 9 Episode 9

Air Date: 2019-02-10

The communities thought they could build a better future separately, but the recent loss of one of their own drives them to band together...


Season 9 Episode 8

Air Date: 2018-11-25

A small rescue mission braves a dangerous herd in their hunt for a missing comrade, only to discover a surprising threat that could doom them all....


Season 9 Episode 7

Air Date: 2018-11-18

Carol seeks out an old friend living alone in a wilderness teeming with walkers...

Who Are You Now?

Season 9 Episode 6

Air Date: 2018-11-11

The Survivors encounter unfamiliar faces outside the safety of their community's walls and must decide whether or not this new group can be trusted....

What Comes After

Season 9 Episode 5

Air Date: 2018-11-04

Rick is forced to face the past as he struggles to maintain the safety of the communities and protect the future he and Carl envisioned....

The Obliged

Season 9 Episode 4

Air Date: 2018-10-28

Rick's vision of a civilized future is threatened by a sudden reckoning with past sins that remain unavenged and unforgiven....

Warning Signs

Season 9 Episode 3

Air Date: 2018-10-21

Rick's vision for the future is threatened by a mysterious disappearance that divides the work camp where the communities are building a bridge....

The Bridge

Season 9 Episode 2

Air Date: 2018-10-14

The communities join forces to restore a bridge that will facilitate communication and trade...

A New Beginning

Season 9 Episode 1

Air Date: 2018-10-07

Rick and his group make a risky run into Washington, D.C. to search for artifacts they will need to build the civilization he and Carl envisioned....


Season 8 Episode 16

Air Date: 2018-04-15

The communities join forces in the last stand against the Saviors as all-out war unfolds....


Season 8 Episode 15

Air Date: 2018-04-08

With the threat of the Saviors still looming, Aaron continues searching for allies...

Do Not Send Us Astray

Season 8 Episode 13

Air Date: 2018-03-25

Trouble arises when unexpected visitors arrive at the Hilltop and the community is thrust into action...

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