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The Resident Season 1 Episode 13

  • Season 1 Episode 13
  • Run, Doctor, Run

  • Airdate:05.07.2018.


Malcolm-Jamal Warner ("The Cosby Show") Guest-Stars

Devon and Conrad race against the clock to save the life of a woman who is deteriorating fast from undetermined symptoms. When the patient turns out to be a hero who helps previous criminals get their lives back together, the team relies on her family of ex-cons to help diagnose and treat her. Tensions rise as Nic continues her search for evidence to incriminate Lane, but must simultaneously tend to her sister, Jessie (guest star Julianna Guill), who is rushed into the ER. Meanwhile, York returns to the hospital with his mother, who is in need of a risky procedure, and comes face-to-face with the stone-cold Dr. AJ Austin (guest star Malcolm-Jamal Warner).

series regulars:

    Matt Czuchry as Conrad Hawkins
    Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Randolph Bell
    Emily VanCamp as Nicolette
    Manish Dayal as Devon Pravesh
    Shaunette Renée Wilson as Mina Okafor
    Merrin Dungey as Claire Thorpe
    Melina Kanakaredes as Dr. Lane Hunter
    Moran Atias as Renata Morali

guest cast:

    Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Dr. AJ Austin
    Tasso Feldman as Dr. Irving Feldman
    Kathleen Wilhoite as Claudia Webb
    Michael Hogan as Dr. Albert Nolan
    Steve Rosen as York Evans
    Randee Heller as Yvonne Evans
    Vince Foster as Dr. Paul Chu
    Chrystee Pharris as Nurse Allie Palmer
    Ramses Jimenez as Felix
    Jeffrey David Anderson as Officer Douglas Eaton
    Julianna Guill as Jessie Nevin
    Jessica Miesel as Nurse Jessica Moore
    Jacquez McKissic as Mambo
    Anissa Matlock as Raq
    Dana Ashbrook as Kevin Fell

written by:


directed by:

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