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The Passage Episodes

Stay in the Light / Last Lesson (Season Finale)

Season 1 Episode 9-10

Air Date: 2019-03-11

When the only way to stop Fanning and the virals' escape from Project NOAH involves a dangerous explosion that could leave Brad, Sykes, and the cure for the virus caught in the crossfire, Amy must be the one to decide what's best for humanity....

You Are Not That Girl Anymore

Season 1 Episode 8

Air Date: 2019-03-04

As Amy experiences symptoms of the virus that indicate she is close to turning, Brad brings everyone together, and Lila and Sykes race to perfect an anti-viral medicine to save her from Fanning....

You Are Like The Sun

Season 1 Episode 7

Air Date: 2019-02-25

Brad and Lila flash back through their history together as they plan to save Amy....

I Want To Know What You Taste Like

Season 1 Episode 6

Air Date: 2019-02-18

Tensions are high with a viral on the loose outside Project NOAH, as Guilder and Richards hurry to mobilize a search party. Amy volunteers to help in an unexpected way, causing friction between her and Brad....

How You Gonna Outrun The End of The World?

Season 1 Episode 5

Air Date: 2019-02-11

With the sudden arrival of a high ranking official, Horace Guilder, to Project NOAH, Brad and Amy begin to strategize a possible escape plan with the help of an unlikely accomplice....

Whose Blood is That?

Season 1 Episode 4

Air Date: 2019-02-04

In an attempt to protect Amy, Wolgast convinces Sykes and Lear to let them outside of the facility for exercise....

That Never Should Have Happened To You

Season 1 Episode 3

Air Date: 2019-01-28

Brad strikes a deal with Sykes and Richards to stay with Amy at Project NOAH, as they begin to test the virus on her....

You Owe Me a Unicorn

Season 1 Episode 2

Air Date: 2019-01-21

Amy and a wounded Brad continue on the run from Richards and attempt to seek refuge with an elusive, ex-military instructor of Brad's, while Lila tries to help from afar....


Season 1 Episode 1

Air Date: 2019-01-14

Based on the best-selling trilogy, The Passage centers on Project NOAH, a secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure for all disease, but also carries the potential to wipe out the human race....