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The Originals Spoilers: Here's what to expect from 'The Tale of Two Wolves'

The Originals Spoilers: Here's what to expect from 'The Tale of Two Wolves'

The Originals will air its penultimate hour next week with the episode titled "The Tale of Two Wolves."

Check out this preview on what to expect, courtesy of TV Line: 

The talented Mr. Saltzman will return in the show’s penultimate (good word, by the way!) episode, which is partially set at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted in Mystic Falls. We’ll also get to spend more time with Caroline there, though it won’t be the happy reunion you’re probably hoping for; Klaus returns to his old stomping grounds seeking help for Hope, whose life hangs in the balance. 


In other The Originals news, consulting producer Jeffrey Lieber gave an update about the backdoor pilot, Legacies.

He told TV Guide:

It's less of a backdoor pilot and more of a preview of [Legacies]. We stay very much in the world of The Originals and of the people who are on our show, but it happens to sort of wander into the world that the new series will inhabit. When The Originals started it was a true backdoor pilot. It sort of opened up an entirely new world for people. This is more a new corner in this very large tapestry of shows, so we're able to take our show and move it over into that location, but it's not a straight backdoor pilot.


Added actress Danielle Rose Russell:

Throughout the season you've seen the writers sort of dabble in the magical boarding school, so in the backdoor pilot episode you do see a lot of that.

You see a lot of focus on Mystic Falls as opposed to New Orleans. You see a lot of the people that [Hope] will come in contact with, a few in particular, so it's a good episode that kind of teases what's to come.


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Source: TV Line, TV Guide