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The Originals Spoilers: Producer teases Klaus' next move on 'What, will, I, Have, left'

The Originals Spoilers: Producer teases Klaus' next move on 'What, will, I, Have, left'

Next Wednesday's episode of The Originals will see Klaus becoming a "complete and utter" protective father after learning about Hope's plan. Consulting producer Jeffrey Lieber has revealed the scoop in a report from TV Guide. 

Read his comment below: 

He was an absentee father between the period of time between Season 4 and Season 5.

Then immediately upon seeing her and seeing who she's become... she has qualities that are absolutely his, and so he pretty immediately goes into father mode. Once he goes into father mode, he goes through it the way that Klaus does, which is all in and with every bit of his passion, anger and sense of protection that he has.


As to what to expect from Antoinette's vampire family, star Charles Michael Davis offered: 

They're real sneaky. They're a crazy family — literally they're a crazy family.

The actors that play a part of the family are brilliant. I had the pleasure of directing them in my episode, [the sixth in this season], where we actually get to see them interact as a family. It's pretty underhanded what they do and the conflict within that family. You get to see another family that's just as messed up as the Originals, I think.


Finally, here's the latest Hollow update from Lieber: 

The Hollow issue, or as we've been calling it this season 'the dark magic issue,' is sort of the ongoing problem.

How do you put your family back together when they can't be in the same room? We're coming fairly close to a shift in that problem, which will change the dynamic.


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