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The Originals Spoilers: Creator teases series finale

The Originals Spoilers: Creator teases series finale

At Comic Con on Saturday, The Originals boss Julie Plec has dropped a tease on what to expect from the show's series finale titled "When the Saints Go Marching In," airing Aug. 1st on the CW.

Plec said: 

There’s going to be a lot that’s sad, for sure.

There’s going to be a lot that’s beautiful. Beautiful and sad and, actually, beautiful and happy. There’s going to be some really wonderful happy endings and there’s going to be some really beautiful, if not tragic, endings, and I think that that’s the point when you look at this family that’s lived for a thousand years in this cycle of codependency, and dysfunction, and abuse, and have found their way back to each other time and again. To be able to bring that family journey to its completion, and to understand exactly what’s going to happen to each of them, I’m really proud of it. I’m definitely not going to get on Twitter when it’s over. But I hope you guys enjoy it, because we crafted it very lovingly with the idea of [honoring] these characters in the best way possible.


Plec also revealed an early casting intel about the show's spinoff, Legacies. According to the showrunner, fans should expect to see Zach Roerig reprise his TVD character in the pilot episode. 

I basically have this full open door policy. 

What I have said to everybody is like, ‘I would love to see any faces that we can see over the long course of the series,’ not as a way of being cute or gimmicky, but because they’re part of the universe…But I can say, because we just closed up the deal and signed on the dotted line, that the first familiar face that we’re going to be seeing in the first episode is Sheriff Matt Donovan.


Legacies Comic Con Trailer 


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Source: EW