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The Originals Season 5 Spoilers: EP, cast on Hope's powers, Elijah's memories and more

The Originals Season 5 Spoilers: EP, cast on Hope's powers, Elijah's memories and more

Next Wednesday, The Originals finally returns for its fifth and final season on the CW! 

To whet your appetite, showrunner Julie Plec and the cast have offered what to expect in the new bunch of episodes. Keep reading for the spoilers!

Plec on Hope's powers: 

Freya’s going to have a really important role with Hope early in the season as Freya becomes concerned.

When Freya was a teenager, she didn’t have control over her own power and really bad things would happen when she got worked up. She recognizes that same jeopardy in Hope’s emotional state. Hope feels out of control, so she’s trying to help her learn how to control that.


Claire Holt on Elijah's memories: 

Rebekah has a hard time understanding how Elijah can't remember anything at all.

There's a specific episode this season where we're imploring him to remember and it's hard. It's a really hard thing for her to face... This was a pretty traumatic thing for everyone.


Plec on Klaroline's reunion:

I've always loved the very strange and layered dynamic between Klaus and Caroline. I mean, it has been vengeful, it has been destructive, it has been evil, it has been weirdly warm, and it showed a side of Klaus and his humanity that we never thought he had. 

I certainly would never tell you where we're going to go with Klaus and Caroline because somebody would kill me or I would maim myself for spoiling it, but it is a nice relationship that they have after all these years because Caroline is one of the few people outside of Klaus' family that can actually speak a straight truth to him, and he needs that. It is a friendship of honesty and a little bit of antagonism and some pretty good advice.


Added Joseph Morgan: 

She's on the show for the final season for a number of episodes, and we have a bunch of scenes together. 

Not everyone is going to be satisfied because there's no way that we could ever satisfy everyone, I think, but I'm certainly satisfied with the ending that those characters have, and I hope it pays tribute to the investment that people have made in them.


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