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Legacies "Welcome to the Salvatore School" Promo + NYCC Scoops!

The CW has dropped a new promo of Legacies!

Set to premiere on Oct. 25, the newly released clip gives fans a closer look into the Salvatore School where Hope Mikaelson and other gifted kids are enrolled. 

Check it out above!


In other Legacies news, some new scoops emerged about the upcoming supernatural series during the show's panel at New York Comic Con. 


Here's what we learned (via TV Guide): 

  • Expect to see Jeremy Gilbert resurface in a couple of episodes.
  • Matt Davis on Alaric's role as headmaster:

"He's taking on a new set of responsibilities. He genuinely is coming from a place of love," the actor said. 

"He's somewhere between Professor X and Dumbledore."

  • Viewers will see more of Mystic Falls in the first few episodes. 
  • No love triangle will brew between Alaric's daughters Lizzie and Josie and a new guy they both like. 

"It's less of a love triangle and more of a decision of whether or not [Josie] wants to pursue it. It's a co-dependent plight more than anything else," explained showrunner Julie Plec.

Also, Plec confirmed to TV Guide that the series will give answers as to what happened to Mikaelson brothers, Klaus and Elijah. 

"That question will be answered this season [on Legacies]," she teased. 


Head over to Legacies Spoilers page for the latest news. 

Source: TV Guide, TV Guide