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The Gifted Spoilers: EP talks season 3 conflict, weighs in on show's future at FOX

The Gifted Spoilers: EP talks season 3 conflict, weighs in on show's future at FOX

After wrapping its sophomore season with a cliffhanger, what can viewers expect from the show moving forward?

Showrunner Matt Nix spoke with TV Line to preview the looming conflict in store between the Underground and the Inner Circle. 


"What I really want to explore is, in a world where mutants and humans are largely living separately, and even though mutants are all theoretically on the same side, how do they police themselves? What would it be like to live in a community of all mutants, where people have different powers, different agendas…?" Nix told the site. 

"The second season was about these different factions debating how they’re going to deal with the humans, and I’d really like the opportunity to explore mutants taking positions on how they should deal with themselves. Do they have a moral obligation to the larger society? If you have these powers, do you have an obligation to use them for other people, or just for yourself?"


 The Gifted Renewal/Cancellation Update

Nix on the show's future at FOX: 

"Let me put it this way: We love the show. We want it to come back in any form that it can take," he told TV Guide. 


"The truth is that these days there are creative ways that shows come back. There's a combination of broadcast and streaming, there's streaming — there's a lot of different things," he said. "What I'm proud of is that when people see the finale they will get that we have told a complete and compelling story and there's a very real promise of big story yet to come."


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