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The Flash boss talks what happened to Wells' corpse, teases what's next

The Flash boss talks what happened to Wells' corpse, teases what's next

Dr. Wells has been dead from the very beginning and his body has been snatched by Eobard Thawne -- that's the latest twist that unfolded on Tuesday's episode of The Flash titled "Tricksters".

Exec producer Andrew Kriesberg chatted with reporters to talk about the afoementioned twist and what's to come. Get the scoop below.

It's what we’re calling genetic camouflage, where he basically stole his body. He basically took his body, he rewrote his DNA to match Wells's. But what happened to Harrison Wells's real body and what happened that night -- all of these things are going to start coming out. And I know people were concerned that the events of Episode 15 were erased in 16, but what happened in Episode 15, not all of it went away, as people are going to find out soon.

On whether any part of Wells was left after the body switch:

That's actually something we're just writing the other day. He's had a lot of times when he's talked about Tess and I think that one of the things that kind of bled through was Wells's love for Tess, that Thawne absorbed when he absorbed his body. So that's sort of a fun thing that that's come through.

On Eddie finding the truth about Barry:

It starts to really impact his relationship with Iris because Eddie, he says -- it's a great moment where he says to Barry, 'How do you just lie to people like that?' And it makes Barry look at himself and go, 'Wait, when did I become such a great liar? I thought of myself as being so sort of innocent and pure.'

BONUS SCOOP! Who's the fifth wheel?

Eddie, Iris, Barry, Felicity and Ray all go out for dinner. And it sort of becomes this -- everybody is talking about their feelings, and Eddie and Iris sort of get into a fight. Barry's the fifth wheel. It's fun.




Source: IGN