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The Affair Episodes


Season 2 Episode 5

Air Date: 2015-11-01

Alison makes a chance discovery about Noah. Cole rejects Scotty's plan....

The Affair: 201

Season 2 Episode 1

Air Date: 2015-10-04

Noah and Helen try for amicable divorce proceedings...

Episode 9

Season 1 Episode 9

Air Date: 2014-12-14

Noah and Helen realize their troubled marriage is directly affecting their children...

Episode 8

Season 1 Episode 8

Air Date: 2014-12-07

A chance encounter with Alison leads to an uncomfortable truth....

Episode 6

Season 1 Episode 6

Air Date: 2014-11-16

Noah discovers there's more to Alison than he's been led to believe....

Episode 5

Season 1 Episode 5

Air Date: 2014-11-09

Alison and Noah are forced to confront new obstacles at home....

Episode 3

Season 1 Episode 3

Air Date: 2014-10-26

Noah turns to Alison to help him research the local culture for his novel...

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