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Taken Season 1 Episode 9

  • Season 1 Episode 9
  • Gone

  • Airdate:04.24.2017.

The ODNI is forced to deliver Mejia (guest star Romano Ozari) to the FBI but catch wind of the cartel's plans to hijack the transfer. As John (Gaius Charles) and Rem (James Landry Hébert) work to stall the handover, Bryan (Clive Standen) takes extreme measures to keep Mejia in his custody. Meanwhile, Asha (Brooklyn Sudano) learns the true identity of her friend Elena (guest star Layla Alizada). Also starring Jennifer Beals (Christina Hart), Monique Gabriela Curnen (Becca Vlasik), Michael Irby (Scott), Jose Pablo Cantillo (Dave), Simu Liu (Faaron) and Jennifer Marsala (Riley). 

Promo Video #1

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Sneak Peek #1

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series regulars:

    John (Gaius Charles)
    Rem (James Landry Hébert)
    Bryan (Clive Standen)
    Asha (Brooklyn Sudano)
    Jennifer Beals (Christina Hart)
    Monique Gabriela Curnen (Becca Vlasik)
    Michael Irby (Scott)
    Jose Pablo Cantillo (Dave)
    Simu Liu (Faaron)
    Jennifer Marsala (Riley)

guest cast:

    Mejia (Romano Ozari)
    Elena (Layla Alizada)
    Matthew Bennett (Gary Martello)
    Ivan Wanis Ruiz (Juan Pablo)
    Michael Kinney (George Salt)
    Amanda Warren (Marie Salt)

written by:


directed by:

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