Can you stream Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ on Netflix?

Taboo, one of the most anticipated series this year, has finally premiered!

Produced by BBC and FX, the period drama follows James Keziah Delaney (Hardy) who returns to his hometown in London seeking for revenge after the death of his father. So far, the series has received positive reviews and growing fans are looking for options on where to stream all eight episodes of the mini-series.

If you’re one of those people already hooked on Taboo, you’ve come to the right place.

To answer your question, it has not yet been announced if Taboo will arrive on Netflix anytime soon. However, Hulu has earlier acquired the exclusive rights in USA for the show - giving the US subscribers full access when the digital platform launches all eight episodes on their library.

Taboo is one of the upcoming series that are covered under FX and Hulu’s exclusive multi-year pact that was announced in December 2014. Since the deal is exclusive, we’re assuming that the chances are slim that Netflix will acquire the US rights to Taboo anytime soon.

While this is the case, there’s still a chance that some may stream Taboo on Netflix.

Last year, Netflix has acquired global streaming rights to FX’s American Crime Story. Subsequent seasons of American Crime story are also set to be added on Netflix’s list following each season finale.

Taking that deal into consideration, we can say that Netflix could also have the global rights to Taboo. Hulu’s multi-year pact with FX only covers US subscribers. So it’s still possible that Taboo can be streamed through Netflix in other countries. We just have to wait for further developments.

Taboo airs every Tuesday at 10PM on FX (USA) and every Saturday at 9:15PM on BBC (UK). To know more about it, head over to Taboo Spoilers to check out the latest promos and news.