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[UPDATED] Supernatural Spoilers: EPs preview season 13 finale

[UPDATED] Supernatural Spoilers: EPs preview season 13 finale

Update 5/16: EP Andrew Dabb previews Michael-Lucifer showdown.

He told EW: 

Michael and Lucifer in season 5 had a very specific, almost ritualistic dance they were going to do. They were going to hop into Sam and hop into Dean and have this fight.

This time, there are no rules. Michael has a different agenda. Michael’s stronger than anyone else on the show. He’s not as wedded to this idea that Dean Winchester is important at all. He doesn’t need Dean. He doesn’t have that instruction card that he’s following. He’s not trying to get God’s attention; he doesn’t care about God. He’s an extremely narcissistic, selfish person who’s really interested in doing things the way he wants to do them, and we’ve seen the results of that in Apocalypse World. We’ve seen what that leads to, so the showdown is less about this brotherly dynamic and more about this extremely driven individual in Michael who will do anything to win.


Supernatural bosses Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb have previewed what to expect from season 13's finale, airing May 17th on the CW. 

On Lucifer's reunion with Jack:

He’s very tricky [in] the way he finally has this meeting with Jack, who is a little confused about it,” Singer describes. “It causes a certain amount of consternation for both of them.

On Jensen Ackles playing a new character: 

The mystery persona is someone viewers have seen before, “many years ago. Fans will be both “happy and terrified” after the reveal.

On Cas' orbit, here's what actor Misha Collins shared: 

Things are going to get bad enough at the end of the season that Sam and Dean are going to want that warrior mentality on their side. 


As to whether fans will see Gabriel again before season 13 ends, actor Richard Speight, Jr. offered:

Well, as you see at the end of the episode, he does say, “A deal’s a deal. You helped me with what I needed help with so I’ll help you.” This may be the one time that Gabriel sticks to his word, I’ll put it that way.


When asked what to expect from the archangel for the rest of the season, he said: 

Gabriel’s still Gabriel. He has new books in the library that are now part of his history. For lack of a better example, I think if what we knew before was boy Gabriel, this is man Gabriel. He’s still going to be the same character we know and love, and have the same outlook on life and conflict as he’s had before, but at the same time, he’s been through s— that he never expected to be a part of. He’s been treated in a way he never thought was possible, and it triggered in him emotions and feelings that he didn’t know he was capable of having.


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