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Tons of Spoilers for the Supernatural Old West Episode!

Tons of Spoilers for the Supernatural Old West Episode!

As I first mentioned last month, Sam and Dean will be travelling back to the Old West, 1861 to be exact, to look for Samuel Colt. Jensen and Jared gave lots more spoilers for what we can expect to see in that episode, tentatively called "Trail of the Dead," at their Creation convention appearance over this past weekend.

In the episode, Cas sends the boys back in time, and they get caught up hunting the ghost of Elias Finch (guest star Matthew John Armstrong), who was hung for a crime he didn't commit. Jensen said Armstrong gives a powerful performance:

"In the [Western episode] when the sheriff's there in a jail cell scene, I caught myself just watching Matt. He had this long monologue and did a really good job, and I just got caught up in watching him work, and then realized that it was my line... I enjoy watching these performances, I enjoy seeing the writing come to life. It's very gratifying for me to be able to be a part of that."

Director Guy Norman Bee said that they wanted to make the episode's portrayal of the Old West as realistic as possible: "a time when men were men and demons were nervous"; Jensen called it "gritty, yellow-toothed."

And yes, that means the boys will be riding horses, as well as wearing traditional Western garb, including Stetson cowboy hats. Jensen already has dibs on the duster that was custom-made for him out of Australian oilcloth: "It will be coming home with me."

But shooting the episode wasn't all fun, as Jensen showed the audience the still-healing scar on his hand. He explained that he cut his hand while shooting a scene with the famous Colt:

"It's the Colt, right, and we built that thing, so it's not like a precise, machined, beautiful thing. It's rough and rigid and doesn't always work properly. It was very hard, and I had to slam the hammer back to shoot the thing and I ripped my palm right open. The great part about it is, it's TV, so we've got to go again and again...Now I'm just ripping skin off the palm of my hand."

But Jensen wears the scar as a badge of honor: "Our Western adviser guy was like, 'You've got to earn gunfighters' hands, and you have, my friend!' So I'll wear it with pride."

Jensen and Jared are both very proud of the entire episode. And it fulfilled a childhood dream for them, as Jensen explained: "The western episode was one of those 'woo-hoo' moments. It's kind of every little boy's dream to do a showdown, and we got to do that."

Jared concluded with his thoughts: "I hope you guys like it. I was really proud of the work. It's an awesome episode."

I can't wait to see this episode! How about you?

Source: Zap2It