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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4 "Slumber Party" Spoilers: Felicia Day Talks Charlie Meeting Dorothy and the Wicked Witch

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4 "Slumber Party" Spoilers: Felicia Day Talks Charlie Meeting Dorothy and the Wicked Witch

The Slumber PartyTonight's Supernatural episode "Slumber Party" sees the return of everyone's favorite hacker, Charlie Bradbury. Charlie's portrayer Felicia Day gave spoilers to Zap2It on Charlie meeting Dorothy of Oz, an epic battle with the Wicked Witch, and choices Charlie makes that will have fans talking.

  • Instead of a flirtatious reaction, Charlie goes completely fangirl when she meets Dorothy:

Rather than that sort of direction, I think Charlie is kind of a geek -- she is so odd -- so it's like seeing the thing that you only imagined is fiction come to life in front of you. As a fangirl herself, she lives in other people's worlds as an escape and as entertainment, so this is sort of the apex of what you can experience as a fan, seeing a character come to life and in a much different way than you'd expect. This is not the traditional Dorothy. She's a very independent woman. She's kind of like Amelia Earhart slash Indiana Jones. She's a really strong female character which Charlie has to deal with in interesting and fun ways.

  • There will be an epic battle between the Wicked Witch and everyone in the bunker, and unfortunately Crowley gets involved...

There are certain things that happen that are very surprising in a way. There's definitely a twist and a new kind of urgency to get this thing solved even though it takes place all in the bunker. The witch opens a gate to Oz so there's a threat to both sides, our world and that one. It's something that has to be solved. Plus Crowley is still in the bunker as well, so there are definitely some very interesting twists that I think people will get strong opinions about.

  • Charlie has some moments in tonight's episode that could get strong reactions from fans:

There's definitely an interesting moment that happens halfway through the episode that I think will get a strong reaction. And then at the end of the episode, the very end, there is actually a very interesting choice that Charlie has to make. I'm really interested to see how Charlie reacts to that and I think that people are going to have really strong opinions about it, too.

Be sure to tune in tonight at 9 pm to see Charlie's return to Supernatural.