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Suits Spoilers: What's next for Mike after prison?

Suits Spoilers: What's next for Mike after prison?

Suits season 6 continues this week, picking up where things left off after Jessica has left the firm. It will also explore the continuation of Mike's journey now that he's finally out of prison. 

EP Aaron Korsh shed some light on this new storyline in an interview, get the spoilers:

I think Mike is going to do his best to try to stay away from the firm. We'll see where his journey ultimately leads, but for the time being he's not back at the firm, and just like Jessica, that has an affect on everyone.

Star Patrick Adams, who directed the episode, previewed how Jessica's exit will affect Harvey and Louis in the midseason opener:

This episode begins the journey of Harvey [Gabriel Macht] having to figure out what he needs to deal with in order to take the reigns of the firm. Louis [Rick Hoffman] is wrestling with his own sense of responsibility to the firm and having to come to terms with how he doesn’t always do things the way they need to be done and gets himself into trouble and can sometimes put the people he loves at risk by the way he does things.


BONUS SPOILER BIT | Korsh teases this bit about Donna:

Donna has a lot going on in the back six, and I will say it’s not all in the first couple episodes. It develops a little bit over time, and it’s probably more in the last four episodes than in the first two — though, definitely, she’s got stuff in the first two.

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