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Suits Season 3 Episode 1 "The Arrangement" Advanced Review

Suits Season 3 Episode 1 "The Arrangement" Advanced Review


When we last checked in on Suits, the merger of Pearson and Darby is underway. Harvey's struggle for his ego to calm down and get on board with the union was also left to be hashed out.

On Mike's storyline, his biggest secret has finally been revealed to Rachel. A hurdle that was rather resolved inside a copy room where all their pent-up sexual tensions were unleashed.

On the third season premiere titled "The Arrangement", things felt strangely cold and a tad hostile. I also have to admit that I find it barely even strong to kick off the season.

If you weren't aware, this season has been promoted as (hashtag) 'Game of Suits', in relation to two guest stars Michelle Fairley and Conleth Hill from HBO's Game of Thrones. Of course, knowing that Game of Thrones is such a highly-rated TV series, as a fan, I was expecting to be surprised and be engulfed with the premiere. In lieu, I felt rather disappointed.

I can understand how fun it was for the marketing department to cross reference both shows, but touting the legal drama as a menacing so-called 'game of suits' did not translate in the premiere for me.

"The Arrangement" much like the season 2 finale titled "War", was still hung up on the merger and Harvey's egotistical lawyer-ass. Though the former finally went through as Pearson-Darby (RIP Hardman), Harvey JUST couldn't get over himself.

In retrospect, the debacle between Jessica and Harvey ignited when the whole merger idea was put on the table. Thus putting Mike Ross in an impossible situation as a middleman between them. In conclusion, the following events didn't fare well for Harvey and Mike. Cue for Jessica's ostensibly innocuous, diabolical stare.

Jessica is always known for her power-tripping and flawless maneuvers but on "The Arrangement", she was put on the edge. The case in point is a bribery charge against Ava Hessington, a powerful British entrepreneur of an oil company. Albeit Jessica's refusal for Harvey to take the case, Darby waved his bigger-share-over-the-firm card to win over Jessica. Thus, sending her off to bury the hatchet with Harvey and let him handle the case.

When Harvey and Jessica (I'm assuming) has kiss and made up already, here comes another deal being raised by Harvey from God knows whatever poker game he's been playing. He arranges another deal with Darby that sounds a little something like this, "IF I WIN, I get to up my lawyer-ego to another hundred points.."

In "War" Harvey was playing the same game with Jessica, and now on "The Arrangement" he wants to do a second round with Darby. Seriously? What kind of childhood trauma is this coming from, Harvey? Grow-up already.

Elsewhere, Mike Ross' magic in getting things done is beginning to fade. Since he and Harvey is still on a bromance quarrel, he was focused more on patching things up with Rachel after the proverbial "I did not went to Harvard; therefore, I'm a walking fraud" crap already hit the fan. On that note, the dichotomy of a person who's not faring too well in his career but has a solid love life mirrors Mike Ross on this episode. And if you've read about this ultimatum I have spoiled earlier, you might as well just skip that thought right now.

Though Mike and Harvey's loyalty issues are brimming throughout the hour, Mike went the extra mile to express how sorry he was. And by "extra mile" I'm talking about -- a time-machine. Of course not a literal time-reversing device, but more of a befriending-the-IT-guy kind of trick to make it possible. Touche!

While Harvey is working on his case that proved to be more arduous than he thought, returning characters Dana Scott (Abigail Spencer) and Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole) resurfaced. As much as I hated Harvey on this episode, I couldn't deny his fantastic chemisty with Scottie, especially after he gave her a supurbly romantic "When-I-first-met-you" speech. Then, there's Cameron Dennis who appeared only for like less than 40 seconds to remind us that Harvey's arch nemesis is still out there.

Though the bribery case is yet to be continued, I expected more from Michelle Fairley as Ava. Her storyline seemed to be just a filler for the current season's "British invasion" theme. Congrats writers, you manage to pull that one off!

"The Arrangement" has not been the strongest episode of Suits, but I am still hoping that the next episode would finally end Harvey's tantrums of being a partner. I'm pretty sure that he's going to stick around whatever curveball he throws to Jessica anyway.

Side notes:

*Rick Hoffman's character as financial genius Louis Litt is still not spared from being the comic relief of the show. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Help me with this one, throughout the premiere, all he obsessed about were two things that bear a zero connection with law: pens and bran bars. I mean, seriously?

*Donna, my favorite fax whisperer, did not get much of screen time. But what you can count on is this: an intense argument scene she had with Mike.

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