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Suits Creator on Forstman's Season 4 Arc, Rachel's Love Triangle and Cahill's Attack

Suits Creator on Forstman's Season 4 Arc, Rachel's Love Triangle and Cahill's Attack

Suits creator Aaron Korsh has previewed what's ahead on the upcoming episodes of the hit USA series in an interview. Keep reading for the scoop:

On Forstman's (Eric Roberts) big part in season 4:

He’s involved moving forward, no doubt about it. He complicates Mike’s life, and Harvey’s life, in fun ways.

On Cahill's (Neal McDonough)attack on Mike and Harvey:

You’ve got Mike and Harvey in this battle for this company, and now you have someone else coming in and suspecting them of colluding on this deal. And they’re both doing things that are skirting the edge of legality and ethics and what have you to win. As we see, Jessica and Harvey have to concoct a way to buy this stock without buying it on Logan’s behalf—and that’s not colluding with Mike, but it’s doing something illegal. You have someone that’s all of a sudden going to look at them—it just throws a big kink into the battle and can change who’s got the upper hand. So the investigation and the takeover battle are starting to affect each other going forward.

On Rachel-Logan-Mike love triangle:

It continues on, and the thing that leads into [the next episode] is the fact that, when she gets back into the office and Logan’s sent her flowers, she realizes that he’s not just going to go away. He leaves her a message that they like the Piedmont Avionics idea, right? So in other words, she’s going to be stuck having to work with him more. And he’s going to continue sending her flowers, and he tried to kiss her. She’s got a problem on her hands. So that’s going to lead into episode 6.
Rachel’s taken some heat for having an almost-moment with Logan. I think she’s under a lot of stress, and this thing’s taking a toll on everyone to some degree. I think part of what we wanted to do this episode was to see a little bit of a reconnection between Mike and Harvey, even if it’s just a small interscene of that, and to see that something can happen that can get them to put their guns down and have a talk. Mike does tell Harvey that he understands what Harvey did in going in to Gillis, and Harvey tells Mike he understands what Mike did with Louis. Harvey doesn’t blame Mike for the Louis thing—Harvey blames Louis. Harvey tells him it was harsh, but it was brilliant. He kind of tips his hat to him. So I think it’s an interesting episode for Mike and Harvey. And I’ll say that [next week] is a big episode. If we took a little break in 5—which maybe people will think that we did, and maybe they won’t—6 is a major episode. 

Source: EW