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'Stalker' Boss Previews New CBS Drama

'Stalker' Boss Previews New CBS Drama

Stalker is an upcoming procedural starring Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q. slated to debut Wednesday, Oct. 1st on CBS.

Below, creator Kevin Williamson previews what viewers can expect on the new psycho-thriller. 

The premiere does open with a woman being doused in gasoline and set on fire, but Williamson says the stories won't be as brutal on a week-to-week basis. "We do some big, flashy stories, but we also bring it down and tell, hopefully, some real, human stories." 

He adds, "Most [stalking cases] are relationships that have soured or ... the person at the corner who sells you coffee every morning. You just never know where obsession takes root. There's so many different layers to it." 

Williamson says the show will focus on the psychological aspect of stalking. "We go into the mind of the obsession and whether it's rejection or revenge or sadistic or predatory. We get into all the various ways that people stalk and fixate." 

Source: Zap2it