Showrunners give last minute preview of Severide-centric 'Chicago Fire' & 'PD' crossover

Severide's big crossover episode is set to unfold Tuesday night (Jan. 3) on NBC.

Exec producers Derek Haas and Matt Olmstead are offering some last minute preview to keep you in the loop about the crossover. 

Get the latest spoilers below: 

We thought a perfect character-based crossover would be Severide looking like he had committed vehicular homicide, and Lindsay being the one that has to come and arrest him, and all the ramifications of that. 

We knew that we hadn’t overused that character too much on P.D. He hadn’t really been around since that romance with Lindsay” several seasons ago.


Plus, the exes’ relationship history actually gave even more momentum to the storyline because [Lindsay] would have an emotional investment to seeing him. It really helped us out, because not only is Chicago Fire/PD CrossoverVoight kind of keeping an eye on her, and aware of the fact they used to date, but he’s also smartly bringing her into it and letting her use that, because it’s keeping Severide talking.

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Source: TV Line