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Scandal Spoilers: Star teases 'shocking' event for Abby & David

Scandal Spoilers: Star teases 'shocking' event for Abby & David

Scandal's Draby Stanchfield has dropped an intriguing tease abound on Abby and David's storyline in the final episodes of the political series. 

Speaking with TV Line, the actress said:  

We’re definitely serving more David and Abby for the next three episodes.

And let’s just put it this way: Something incredibly shocking happens for these guys that I’m astill processing. Abby has a dramatic ending with a capital D.


As to how things will end for Cyrus, here's what Stanchfield offered: 

You're gonna be satisfied. You just get a sense of what happens to him. No one gets through unscathed by the end of the series. Everybody pays the price in one way or another for what they've done. Everybody.



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Source: TV Line, TV Guide