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Scandal Spoilers: Creator Shonda Rhimes teases series finale

Scandal Spoilers: Creator Shonda Rhimes teases series finale

Tomorrow night, Scandal will finally bow to its audience after serving seven seasons of high-stakes political drama. 

To whet our appetite one last time, creator Shonda Rhimes spoke with reporters to give fans the ultimate teases on what to expect in the final hour ominously titled "Over a Cliff."

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On how she would describe the series finale:

I have no way of describing the finale, and I don’t know that it compares to the other Scandal finales because a series finale and a season finale are so different from one another. A season finale is geared to launch you into another season of something and leave some questions open, and the series finale is the end of a story, so I guess it’s very different. I think we’re finishing the evolution of the character of Olivia Pope. The story is being completed and you’re going to find out what happens, basically. We’ve put them in a fairly impossible position, and you get to find out what happens and how that gets solved and where our characters go from there.


On whether her previous ending for the show will play out in the finale: 

No, I mean, I think whatever was planned in 2013 — and I have no idea what that was at this point — probably was altered as we moved forward, but also probably was altered by the election. You know, I had a different plan for what season 7 was going to be in general, and that completely changed. I think we did basically what I had planned to be all of season 7 in the finale of last season’s Scandal. So no, it’s very different.


On whether Olivia and co. will ultimately pay for their past sins: 

One of the things that Olivia says in the penultimate episode is this idea that standing up and being somebody who puts everything out in the open is important. Whether or not everybody pays for what they’ve done, I don’t necessarily know that that’s what the finale is about, as much as it’s about seeing what happens once that choice has been made.


On whether fans will see familiar faces from the past seasons:

Yes, we tried really hard to bring back some familiar faces in the final episode simply because it is the final episode. And at the very least, we wanted to spend it with some of the people that we have spent a lot of time with; that’s also important. We had a special dinner where we got together with all of our great guest stars and our cast, and we all had a dinner together where we just got together to reminisce about the seven seasons and what this all meant. It’s been really wonderful to have them. So yes, we do bring back a few people in the finale.

On whether the finale will tie up loose ends or will have open-ended arcs: 

I think that there’s a “both” to that. I mean, yes, the story is wrapped up, and yes, the audience gets to imagine some of what happens next for the characters.


More Scandal and HTGAWM crossovers? 

When Rhimes was asked as to whether Scandal characters could still pop up on HTGAWM in the future, she said: 

Whether or not it’s mentioned is up to Pete.

That’s his show and his storytelling. I don’t know if he’s ever going to mention it. It’s not a plan that either one of us have. Neither one of us have that in our heads as part of a plan, so thus far, no.


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