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Scandal Spoilers: Creator Shonda Rhimes teases final season for Fitz & Olivia

Scandal Spoilers: Creator Shonda Rhimes teases final season for Fitz & Olivia

Scandal boss Shonda Rhimes has previewed where we'll find Olivia and co. as the political series nears its end game this fall. 

Speaking with TV Line, Rhimes said that the major players will find themselves asking the questions of:  “Who do you want to be?" and "What is your legacy?” 

As for Fitz and his relationship with Olivia, here's what we learned from the creator: 

For Fitz, much of that thinking will be done “out of the spotlight” in Vermont, where a story unfolds that is “surprising and a little bit charming.”

As for the former POTUS’ future with Olivia, Rhimes reminds us that theirs is a “complex story. … We are on a journey, and it’s coming to an end.”



* Mellie and Cyrus will be on "equal ground, standing on the same side [like] we never imagined before," teased Rhimes. 

* Speaking with THR, Bellamy Young previewed what to expect from Mellie in the season 7 premiere - which will explore her first 100 days in office. 

She said: 

Mellie has waited her whole life to be president. She's been thinking about these moments forever, but it's never quite the way you want it when it comes true. 

And Mellie forgot that not only will she be judged on her substance but she'd be judged on her function: what she's wearing and how her hair looks and whether she touched someone — was the handshake right or did she linger on an arm? There's so much gender politics that she forgot to factor in because that's now how her brain works. But she feels formidable, like almost invincible, with Olivia at her side.


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Source: THR, TV Line