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Scandal Spoilers: Bellamy Young previews Mellie's struggles as POTUS

Scandal Spoilers: Bellamy Young previews Mellie's struggles as POTUS

Scandal finally returns for its seventh and final season Thursday night on ABC. 

To whet your appetite for the premiere, series star Bellamy Young has previewed her character's struggles as the new POTUS in an interview. Read her comment below: 

First and foremost, America is not yet acclimated to having a woman in power. 

So nothing that Mellie does can be seen in its own right. It’s seen through the filter of how her hair looks that day, or if she wore pants. There are so many filters that, hopefully, we can all just shed as we go through our lifetime together. So there’s that, just being a woman in power — a single woman in power, which is unprecedented. And since this is Shondaland, we’ll definitely explore that.


Young also weighed-in on whether or not she can actually trust Olivia, hinting at an explosive confrontation between the duo should things take its turn for the worst.

She said:

It’s so interesting to me that Mellie and Olivia are sitting on this big tub of kerosene just waiting for a match. There’s so much Mellie doesn’t know, and I’m not sure how or when they’re going to reveal it, but it’s waiting to explode. Mellie is so hopeful about making history with Olivia. She feels invincible with Olivia by her side. But I think it’s going to be seismic when she realizes what’s really going on.


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Source: TV Line