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'Scandal' Season 3B Roundup: Everything You Need To Know!

'Scandal' Season 3B Roundup: Everything You Need To Know!

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(Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder)

Why hello there Scandal fandom! Welcome to Spoilers Guide's official round-up spoiler for TV's juciest soap (returning on Feb. 27).

We all miss the show so I won't waste anymore of your time, cause I know you mean business when it comes to Olivia Pope. So without further adieu, let's discuss what's abound on the season 3B of..


1. Sally Langston is holding a bomb detonator that shall wreak havoc inside the White House.

Of course, not literally. But this is Scandal folks, I'm pretty sure that the writers won't actually use the word "bombshell announcement" from the episode description of "Ride Sally Ride" if there's nothing huge coming up.

I've analyzed the photos using my latest app called 'think like Shonda Rhimes', and my guess is that the Feb. 27 opener will find Sally declaring her presidential candidacy against Fitz Grant.

But do remember this: Sally may have walked out on his husband's murder scot free, the next coming days don't give her the right to celebrate. Again, this is one of the fast-paced show, so expect for that proverbial 'she killed her husband because he's a homo' hitting the headlines to  hit the fan -- probably on the last 3 episodes this season.
2. Mellie meets a forty-something hottie and we hope that she swoon over him so bad, it'll trigger a green-eyed monster to come out of the POTUS. As Darby Stanchfield has teased, "The First Lady has some really good, steamy stuff coming up." (Fingers crossed, Mel! This is payback time. *sinister laugh*)


BTW, the guy we're talkin' about to romance the FLOTUS is Major Crimes alum Jon Tenney. He will be introduced on the series as Andrew.

3. The Grant Kids are coming. Period.

Probably the most-buzzed about spoiler in the past weeks, I can't express how enthused I am to hear this scoop. What can every Gladiator expect, you ask? Is that a rhetorical question?

They're teenagers, so here's a tip: Look back when you were still at that point of your life and sprinkle it with the privilege of being the President's offspring. What do you imagine now?

D-R-A-M-A. (Tony Goldwyn and I are at the same page about this, FYI. Read this in case you missed the scoop.)

I can see that you're a tad disappointed so I'm just gonna spoil you more with this:

"Jerry shows up with a chip on his shoulder that makes him less than receptive to talking the talk that’s being fed to him by a media consultant.

Karen, meanwhile, initially comes off as very much her mother’s daughter – she might even wonder aloud why Mellie puts up with that man — but said simpatico tune quickly changes when she finds out about [spoiler]." (TV LINE)

Hope that cheered you up!

4. Now let's talk about Olivia Pope. After learning that her parents are probably the most twisted couple on earth, what could she be up to now besides marveling on Flappy Bird?

Per ABC, "Olivia finds herself in a challenging new role." Now, I'm just left with empty thoughts. Is there anything else Liv couldn't handle?


Yes! Aliens!

Pardon that pun, totally unacceptable. What I can only muster at this point is this:

Cyrus asks Liv for help in the light of the events where he derailed his marriage with James. Liv then takes care of the whole Sally Langston problem and they both battle it out with Leo (Paul Adelstein) for the candidacy.

Not the most solid prediction but since Jeff Perry himself teased, "Cyrus will be in full-tilt damage-control mode, both on the home and work fronts. “He has rocked his marriage to the core and he also screwed up every chance he has of keeping Sally on the ticket."

“Cyrus is more scared of what he’s done than we’ve ever seen him, and he’s scrambling like hell to get out of it,” the actor previewed.

For his character's new rival on the show, he shared -- "Leo is already ridiculously formidable for Cyrus. It’s like this guy is no joke. He is a scary, smart mercenary. He is so scary, he is so damn smart, he pisses Cyrus off, I’ll tell you that,”

There is “no question” they will be duking it out for control of Sally. “Cyrus and Leo are going to be butting heads.”

5. Season 3B mini-arcs: Jake Ballard as new command and Quinn's status as Gladiator. And more layers to Harrison's arc to unfold.

From what we learned from EP Betsy Beers -- There will be an “incredibly complicated combo plate of reactions” if Liv learns of Jake’s role as Command.

She also suggested that Quinn’s gladiator status might not be officially revoked.


Meanwhile, the show is also going to unlock answers to Harrison's beefed-up arc. According to Harrison's portrayer, Columbus Short, "we finally get to see a lot more rollout for him, which is great".

I know it's early to talk about this but I just wanna share my thoughts regarding the season 3 finale episode. Since we already know that the final eight episodes will focus on the reelection, and probably pit Sally Langston against Pres. Grant, I have come up with this theory:

The final hour will end with a cliffhanger on the day of the election, the same day that Sally Langston's secret as husband-killer is exposed. Bam!

BONUS SCOOP: Aside from Jon Tenney, Dylan Minnete and Madeline Carroll, Homeland and HIMYM actress Nazanin Boniadi has also booked a recurring role on the political series. Details are still under wraps so please check back later for updates.

Our round-up ends here, followers of Scandal. 

Please do share your thoughts and other theories (if you got any) below!