Is ‘Riverdale’ gonna be on Netflix?

On January 26, the CW will finally launch Riverdale, one of the highly-anticipated shows in 2017.

In case you don’t know the premise of the show, it is a series based on the classic Archie comics that follows the lives of Archie, Veronica, Josie and their friends as they navigate their lives inside the small town of Riverdale. The small screen adaptation will take viewers into the dark, mysterious side of Riverdale following the tragic death of Jason Blossom.

Now to the burning question..

Will 'Riverdale' be on Netflix?


If you’re already planning to binge-watch it on Netflix by sparing yourself from the weekly release -- you are certainly not alone.   

One of the main purposes of Netflix is to cater to audiences like you who are either too busy to catch up on a weekly basis, or to those who simply want to indulge over the shows continuously, with zero interruption.

Thankfully, the CW network and Netflix have recently closed an exclusive multi-year content licensing deal. Now, this deal is probably the best thing you’ll hear today. Because not only that it will allow you to watch Riverdale, the deal also covers other scripted series on the CW including superhero shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow. You name it and it’s right up on your queue.

Remember, the deal is exclusive, which means that you can only stream Riverdale directly from Netflix! Not Hulu or any other streaming subscription service (SVOD).

Keep in mind that this deal only allows subscribers to stream episodes of a freshman series after the current season finale has aired on The CW (in USA). This condition, of course, very much applies to Riverdale. Another thing that you have to remember is that you’ll have to wait 8 days after the season ends on The CW.

So to make it short and simple, in USA - you’ll only get to stream the full first season on Netflix after the season finale + 8 days. Now, when is this happening?

To answer your question, we don’t have yet the exact date of Riverdale’s season finale as the CW usually sets the date during the later part of the season. But as far as we know, the network has only ordered 13 episodes for the first season - so this means that the finale will probably air sometime in the late spring of 2017. Add 8 days to that then you have your tentative release date of Riverdale on Netflix.

Now, please take note that this may still change. Networks usually give hit shows full season orders during the early run of the series. If this happens to Riverdale, there’s a chance that the finale will be bumped during the early summer of 2017. We'll keep you posted.

For people outside USA, Riverdale will be distributed globally trough Netflix. Each episode will be available for streaming in less than 24 hours after the broadcast on The CW. But, if you're in USA - yo can use VPN service to watch Riverdale on Netflix. All you have to do is to sign up for a VPN service and select the country where Netflix is streaming Riverdale (UK, Germany, France or any other). We recommend Express VPN.

Other Streaming Options

If you don't want to wait and watch Riverdale now, you can buy the Season 1 on Amazon. That way you don't have to wait for it to be available for streaming on Netflix, but you'll have to spend some money now.

We hope that helped. Send us a comment below if you have more questions!