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Reign Season 4 Episode 12

  • Season 4 Episode 12
  • The Shakedown

  • Airdate:05.12.2017.


After a tragic earthquake hits Scotland, Mary (Adelaide Kane) must face John Knox (Jonathan Goad) amidst claims that she isn’t coming to the aid of her people. Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) takes drastic measures after she is discovered with Gideon (Ben Geurens), while Charles (Spencer MacPherson) makes a decision that backfires. 

series regulars:

    Mary (Adelaide Kane)
    John Knox (Jonathan Goad)
    Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten)
    Gideon (Ben Geurens)
    Charles (Spencer MacPherson)
    Dan Jeannotte
    Celina Sinden
    Megan Follows
    Craig Parker
    Ben Geurens
    Rose Williams
    Will Kemp

directed by:

Norma Bailey
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