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Reign Season 3 Episode 6

  • Season 3 Episode 6
  • Fight or Flight

  • Airdate:11.20.2015.


Mary (Adelaide Kane) realizes she must help Catherine (Megan Follows) in her quest to become regent, even at the risk of hurting the alliance with Scotland. Claude (Rose Williams) is determined to help Leith (Jonathan Keltz) marry while Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) struggles with the prospect of losing Dudley (Charlie Carrick).

series regulars:

    Mary (Adelaide Kane)
    Catherine (Megan Follows)
    Claude (Rose Williams)
    Leith (Jonathan Keltz)
    Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten)
    Dudley (Charlie Carrick)
    Toby Regbo
    Torrance Coombs
    Craig Parker
    Anna Popplewell
    Celina Sinden
    Ben Geurens

written by:

Lisa Randolph

directed by:

Charles Binamé
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