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Reign Season 3 Episode 18

  • Season 3 Episode 18
  • Spiders in a Jar (Season Finale)

  • Airdate:06.20.2016.


Mary (Adelaide Kane) makes a bold move to defend her reign in Scotland, which results in a battle royale with her cousin, Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten). Lola (Anna Popplewell) is accused of a heinous crime and suffers the drastic consequences. Meanwhile, back in France, Catherine (Megan Follows) finds that Charles (guest star Spencer MacPherson) has returned a changed man after paying a price for his mother’s relentless quest for power.

series regulars:

    Mary (Adelaide Kane)
    Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten)
    Lola (Anna Popplewell)
    Catherine (Megan Follows)
    Torrance Coombs
    Ben Geurens
    Craig Parker
    Celina Sinden
    Charlie Carrick
    Rose Williams
    Jonathan Keltz

guest cast:

    Charles (Spencer MacPherson)

written by:

Laurie McCarthy

directed by:

Deborah Chow
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