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Reign Season 2 Episode 8

  • Season 2 Episode 8
  • Terror of the Faithful

  • Airdate:11.20.2014.


Tensions escalate between Mary and Francis when Vatican inquisitors perform barbaric acts on anyone suspected of being a Protestant. After a brave proclamation, Lord Condé is abducted, resulting in a precarious situation with a surprising group of assailants.

Catherine experiences an annoying setback when she plays matchmaker on behalf of a reluctant Claude, while Narcisse offers a stranded Lola an innocent horse ride back to the castle, where a dark secret involving Francis is revealed. 

series regulars:

    Adelaide Kane as Mary
    Toby Regbo as Francis
    Sean Teale as Lord Condé
    Megan Follows as Catherine
    Rose Williamsas Claude
    Craig Parker as Narcisse
    Anna Popplewell as Lola
    Torrance Coombs
    Caitlin Stasey
    Celina Sinden
    Jonathan Keltz

directed by:

Charles Binamé
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