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Reign Season 2 Episode 17

  • Season 2 Episode 17
  • Tempting Fate

  • Airdate:03.19.2015.


When Catherine becomes suspicious that Mary and Condé are having an affair, Mary risks Catherine discovering just how deep her betrayal goes. Francis becomes gravely ill after he collapses and Bash’s life is in jeopardy when he leaves to work as the King’s Deputy.

Meanwhile, things become complicated for Leith when he is forced to be Claude’s personal guard after professing his love for Greer.

series regulars:

    Megan Follows as Catherine
    Adelaide Kane as Mary
    Sean Teale as Condé
    Toby Regbo as Francis
    Torrance Coombs as Bash
    Jonathan Keltz as Leith
    Rose Williams as Claude
    Celina Sinden as Greer
    Craig Parker
    Caitlin Stasey
    Anna Popplewell

written by:

Lisa Randolph

directed by:

Sudz Sutherland
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