Pretty Little Spoilers: A Wild Ride for Which Couple?

Pretty Little Spoilers: A Wild Ride for Which Couple?

It's been a "wild ride" period this Pretty Little Liars season, and I hear it can only get more intense from here on out. But it's especially going to get intense soon for Ezria fans out there, namely in the next episode, season 2 episode 23, "Eye of the Beholder".

When a fan tweeted showrunner Marlene King the question, "How will the Ezria fans feel after 223?", Marlene responded with the following:

"Ready to take a nap. It's a wild ride."

A "wild ride" in what ways, I wonder? Is Ella and Aria's little secret revealed to Byron? Does Ezra get into it even deeper as far as "A" goes? Remember this is the episode that involves that perhaps it does involve Ezra relocating after all? We'll have to wait until Monday to find out.

One thing we won't have to wait to find out about is that motorcycle dude Spencer spotted coming out of the father-daughter dance. Marlene answered another fan via Twitter, asking if it was indeed Toby:

"I'm gonna say yes."

Is that a real "yes", or do you think Marlene is leading us on? She has to keep the identity of "A" under wraps, after all. Speculate away in the comments.