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Once Upon A Time Spoilers: EP teases 'bittersweet' series finale

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: EP teases 'bittersweet' series finale

Friday's swan song episode of Once Upon A Time will offer bittersweet memories to fans, exec producer David H. Goodman has teased in a report. 

Speaking with EW, Goodman said: 

I'm hoping for bittersweet to sweet.

I think we have a really nice finale that I think is going to give people emotionally what they want and also set the table so that they can imagine where things are going forward for all these characters that are going to remain alive, not just for me but for all of the fans too.


As to what to expect from the final threat the heroes would be facing, star Rose Reynolds teased:

It’s Henry becoming the ultimate author. We’ve seen it throughout the season of Henry trying to be the writer of his own story and writing his own story, because everyone else has got their own story, but it’s what happens when you’re the author of your story, but your intentions aren’t good and you have the power to write any story you want. What happens if you write bad stories, like bad things to happen to good people, what happens when you have that power, and what happens when it’s misused?

Added co-star Tiera Skovbye:

It’s one of those things where you can’t really do it without everybody else, and it’s one of these curses that’s like the ultimate loneliness. If the curse goes through, it’s a wrap-up of everything that everybody in Once Upon a Time and in Storybrooke and all the realm’s have been fighting to keep — to keep family and love and hope and everything alive. And if this curse goes through, it just destroys everything they built.


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Source: EW, TV Guide