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Once Upon A Time on Netflix Season 3 Episode 12

  • Season 3 Episode 12
  • New York City Serenade

  • Airdate:05.05.2014.

After Rumplestiltskin sacrificed his life to stop Pan from enacting another curse, Regina obliterated her original curse, which erased Storybrooke from existence and whisked its residents back to Fairy Tale Land - leaving Emma and Henry back in our world with no memories of Storybrooke. But all is not well back in the Enchanted Forest when Hook comes calling on Emma in New York City in an attempt to jog her memory so that she can once again help her fairy tale family and friends out of a desperate situation,

series regulars:

    Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret
    Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan
    Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina
    Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David
    Emilie de Ravin as Belle
    Colin O'Donoghue as Hook
    Michael Raymond-James as Baelfire/Neal Cassidy
    Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills
    Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest cast:

    Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy
    Beverley Elliott as Granny
    Sarah Bolger as Aurora
    Rebecca Mader as the Wicked Witch of the West
    David-Paul Grove as Doc
    Gabe Khouth as Mr. Clark/Sneezy
    Faustino Di Bauda as Sleepy
    Jeffrey Kaiser as Dopey
    Michael Coleman as Happy
    Mig Macario as Bashful
    Julian Morris as Prince Phillip
    Christopher Gorham as Walsh
    Sean Maguire as Robin Hood
    Michael P. Northey as Friar Tuck
    Jason Burkhart as Little John
    David Orth as NY cop #1
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