Once Upon A Time Spoilers: EP, cast tease season 7's final episodes

Once Upon A Time boss Adam Horowitz and the cast have teased what to expect from season 7's final episodes in a report. 

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Rose Reynolds on "Flower Child," airing on April 27th:

You find out all of Eloise’s backstory.

You find out why she is the way she is and why she wants more than to rule the world. It’s really good.


Horowitz on "Is This Henry Mills?" airing on May 4th: 

A lot of things we’ve been building through the season reach a boiling point, but a surprise at the end of the episode spins us into the finale — a challenge that arises from within.


Finally, here's what to expect from the series finale airing on May 11 and 18: 


We hopefully hit on all the greatest hits of the show.

Lana Parrilla:

The finale is “beautiful,” both because of its callbacks and the closure it offers. “I really think the fans will love how we close out the series.” Ginny was literally crying, even when the camera wasn’t on her!


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Source: TV Line