Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Cast describes series finale; EP confirms major character death

Once Upon A Time is about to end its final chapter with a two-part series finale, airing this Friday on ABC. 

To get you in the loop on what to expect, the cast has offered some last minute previews in an interview with EW. 

Josh Dallas: 

The series finale compared to all the other finales is special because it is the last one, and it’s emotional like true Once Upon a Time style, but it’s also satisfying because it again comes full circle and ties everything together. I think it will leave our viewers and our fans so happy that they invested their time and their hearts into watching our show.

Ginnifer Goodwin: 

I will say that, for the Evil Queen, there is a definitive change in this episode in what she really reveals she has learned, what she has taken to heart. I find it to be so powerful that I cried. That’s part of why I cried all through yesterday.


Lana Parilla:

Well, it wraps up a lot of storylines, and it feels like there’s a closure on a lot of things — everyone’s journey and where they’re trying to aspire and get to in their lives, i.e. Gold/ Weaver/Rumple [Robert Carlyle], where he’s headed, there’s some closure there. It’s actually quite beautiful to see what happens with this character, it’s quite moving. And the same with Regina. I think the last seven years has been: What is her happy ending going to be? And she gets there. And with Zelena’s character as well, in my episode that I directed, in episode 17, there’s a bit of a happy ending for her. So it feels like all these characters are wrapping up. With Colin [O’Donoghue], Hook’s character, we get to see two versions of Hook. And we already know one is happily married with Emma and baby. Now with Wish Hook, he and Alice have been, over the season, really trying to come together and be father and daughter, so it’s just really nice to see how all these storylines are wrapping up. It’s just different because it’s the last episode. So it’s different not only creatively with these characters, but it’s different for all of us actors who were working on it. For the crew, every day it’s scarier and harder, and it’s harder to say goodbye, and not really knowing what happens next. And are we going to see each other again? I hope so.


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Parilla on the final battle against Wish Realm Rumple:

I mean, Wish Rumple is as evil as he could ever be. He is the darkest version of Rumple we’ve ever encountered. He wants to take away everyone’s possibility of a happy ending. That’s disheartening, and so hard to go up against because he’s extremely powerful. Collectively, we’re all trying to figure out how to take him down.


Exec producer Adam Horowitz on how Belle and Rumple's happy ending would play out in the finale: 

I'd say it's a big part of the story in the finale because it's been driving Rumple all year, and now he's going to reach some really difficult decisions based on what he's trying to do to get back to her. 


And finally.. When asked whether there'll be a major character death, Horowitz said: 



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