Once Upon A Time Spoilers:

Anything on Snow and Charming’s return for the final episode of Once Upon a Time? –Andrew
Henry’s grandparents have “a critical role to play in the finale,” series co-creator Adam Horowitz shared during my visit to the set, where the ABC series’ very final episode was being filmed. Bonus scoop: Speaking of Henry, what if I told you that Andrew J. West and Jared Gilmore will have a scene with each other before the season as over…?



Any scoop for the series finale of Once Upon a Time? — Gemma
I was on set for their third-to-last day of filming and everything I saw was, well, super spoilery and also on a green screen, so there’s only so much I can reveal right now. But I did score this cryptic, but surprisingly juicy — trust me — tease about the final hour. “I would definitely say the last episode is as epic as probably any episode that Once Upon a Time has ever done,” Colin O’Donoghue says. “I mean it’s massive, it’s huge. It’s like taking the best of all seasons and jamming it into one — literally.”


Parrilla dished to TV Guide about Maguire's big return to the show while promoting her directorial debut episode airing Friday, Apr. 13.

"Yes, you will see Robin and Regina in a scene together," Parrilla said. Maguire returns in the penultimate episode of the series, but it will be a magical reunion according to Parilla. "It is all of what you hoped. It's beautiful and it's Outlaw Queen. It's their beautiful dream and their loving relationship."

Source: TV Line, EW, TV Guide