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NCIS: New Orleans Episodes

The River Styx, Part II

Season 5 Episode 24

Air Date: 2019-05-14

After tracking Apollyon, a deadly underground spy network, to war-torn South Ossetia, Pride is separated from the team and faces grave danger. Also, in order to save Pride, the NCIS team must locate a mole....

The River Styx, Part I

Season 5 Episode 23

Air Date: 2019-05-07

Pride and Lasalle travel to war-torn South Ossetia in Russia to locate FBI Special Agent Raymond Isler (Derek Webster), who was kidnapped during a failed mission to apprehend the leader of Apollyon....

Chaos Theory

Season 5 Episode 22

Air Date: 2019-04-30

The NCIS team investigates a deadly bombing at a military museum event with over 1,000 people in attendance....

Trust Me

Season 5 Episode 21

Air Date: 2019-04-23

Tammy is convinced that a con man committed the hit-and-run murder of a Navy doctor, even though the evidence shows otherwise....


Season 5 Episode 20

Air Date: 2019-04-16

When Elvis Bertrand's (Tom Arnold) "daughter" is linked to an NCIS murder case, he asks Pride to prove her innocence....

A House Divided

Season 5 Episode 19

Air Date: 2019-04-09

After a Navy Lieutenant from a well-connected and affluent New Orleans family has a fatal fall down a flight of stairs at a charity gala, the NCIS team investigates whether his death was an accident or foul play....

In Plain Sight

Season 5 Episode 18

Air Date: 2019-04-02

The NCIS team investigates the murder of Patton's friend, a former Navy Seal gunned down in a drive-by shooting while Patton helplessly watched....


Season 5 Episode 17

Air Date: 2019-03-26

After a reshuffling of assignments, Pride is no longer Special Agent in Charge of the Southeast and returns to the New Orleans NCIS office during the investigation of a missing petty officer....


Season 5 Episode 16

Air Date: 2019-03-12

After an elusive terrorist with a personal vendetta against Hannah resurfaces, she is placed in protective custody with her family while the NCIS team searches for the suspect's whereabouts....

Crab Mentality

Season 5 Episode 15

Air Date: 2019-02-26

The team investigates multiple murders tied to a construction company creating an experimental chemical that strengthens sea walls....

Conspiracy Theories

Season 5 Episode 14

Air Date: 2019-02-19

Pride and the team reunite with conspiracy journalist Oliver Crane after the source for his latest vigilante story is murdered....


Season 5 Episode 13

Air Date: 2019-02-12

NCIS investigates the disappearance of a Navy entomologist after a deadly shooting at a research lab....

Desperate Navy Wives

Season 5 Episode 12

Air Date: 2019-01-22

While undercover, Gregorio joins a social club for military wives after one of the members is contacted by an ex-boyfriend on the FBI Most Wanted List....


Season 5 Episode 11

Air Date: 2019-01-15

Pride and the NCIS team hope to take down a secret and lethal group of former intelligence agents and avenge the death of someone close to them....

Tick Tock

Season 5 Episode 10

Air Date: 2018-12-11

While on a sunrise jog, Pride is grabbed by two masked men who order him to complete a series of tasks in order to save Wade and his father, Cassius Pride, who are being held captive....

Risk Assessment

Season 5 Episode 9

Air Date: 2018-12-04

The NCIS team investigates the murder of a Navy contractor who, unbeknownst to anyone, lived two lives for decades, with two wives, families and careers....

Close to Home

Season 5 Episode 8

Air Date: 2018-11-20

The NCIS team places Mateo Diaz, a high school gang member turned informant, in protective custody while they investigate the murder of his junior reserve officers' training corps instructor....


Season 5 Episode 7

Air Date: 2018-11-13

Following a deadly car explosion in the French Quarter, the NCIS team interrogates a professor and former member of a student protest organization....

Pound of Flesh

Season 5 Episode 6

Air Date: 2018-10-30

After Pride's assistant, Ginny Young, escapes from a kidnapper, the NCIS team uncovers evidence of a suspect who is harvesting organs from multiple victims....

In the Blood (100th Episode)

Season 5 Episode 5

Air Date: 2018-10-23

Pride's father, Cassius Pride, is wrapped up in an NCIS case involving a notorious unsolved casino heist from several years ago....

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