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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 12

  • Season 3 Episode 12
  • Reasonable Doubt

  • Airdate:08.27.2015.


Despondent over her situation, Joss struggles with whether she should take a plea deal and what that would mean for a future with Harry. Karen agrees to help Vivian keep her secret from Alec so that he can accept a very important award. April and Marc are blind-sided by a surprise visit from Marc’s sister Miranda. After being shut out by Joss in prison, Calista sees the pain she’s causing her and makes her next move.


series regulars:

    Yunjin Kim as Karen Kim
    Jennifer Esposito as Calista Raines
    Rochelle Aytes as April Malloy
    Jes Macallan as Josslyn (“Joss”) Carver
    Brett Tucker as Harry Davis
    Rob Mayes as Marc Nickleby

guest cast:

    Ed Quinn as Alec
    Sonja Bennett as Vivian
    Corinne Massiah as Lucy Malloy
    Julius Fair as Scotty Nickleby
    Corey Sevier as David Hudson
    Katie Messina as Roz
    Kate Beahan as Miranda Nickleby
    Nicholas Carella as Sous Chef Phil
    Carmel Amit as Ariella “Ari” Greenberg
    Michael Northey as Ron Friedman
    Samantha Ferris as Detective Libby Whitehead
    Kaaren de Zilva as Dr. Shannon Gardner
    Christine Willes as Patty Deckler
    Alison Wandzura as Dr. Jenkins

written by:

Justin Lo

directed by:

Liz Allen
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