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MacGyver Season 3 Episode 19

  • Season 3 Episode 19
  • Friends + Enemies + Border

  • Airdate:04.12.2019.

MacGyver and Desi help a group of Syrian refugees who are being pursued by human traffickers. Also, in Los Angeles, Bozer is trapped in Oversight's car which is rigged to explode. 


series regulars:

    Lucas Till (Angus "Mac" MacGyver)
    Tristin Mays (Riley Davis)
    Justin Hires (Wilt Bozer)
    Meredith Eaton (Matty)

guest cast:

    Levy Tran (Desi)
    Alla Korot (Dr. Arza Terzic)
    Andre Reed (Prosecutor)
    Faruk Amireh (Adnan)
    Odelya Halevi (Sana)
    Nick Massouh (Nazir)
    David Bianchi (Oscar)
    Annika Pampel (Emina)
    Noor Maher (Yasmin)
    Mo Gallini (Daris)
    Johnny Kostrey (Harun)
    Ned Yousef (Bilal)
    Marco Guerrero (Gangster)

written by:

Justin Lisson

directed by:

Andi Armaganian
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