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Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 6

  • Season 3 Episode 6
  • Helen Hunt

  • Airdate:11.14.2017.


When the Legends track down an anachronism in 1930s Hollywood, they discover it's none other than a time-displaced Helen of Troy and she's just started a war between two film studios. As the Legends try to fix history and return Helen (guest star Bar Paly) to the Bronze Age, things get complicated when they are blindsided by the appearance of a former enemy. Sara (Caity Lotz) contemplates an offer she is made, which would make the Legends leave the anachronisms be. Meanwhile, Stein (Victor Garber) and Jax (Franz Drameh) find themselves in an unusual predicament. 


series regulars:

    Sara (Caity Lotz)
    Stein (Victor Garber)
    Jax (Franz Drameh)
    Dominic Purcell
    Brandon Routh
    Nick Zano
    Maisie Richardson-Sellers
    Tala Ashe

guest cast:

    Helen (Bar Paly)

directed by:

David Geddes
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