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Krypton Season 2 Spoilers: First look at Lobo unveiled + Comic Con intel!

Krypton Season 2 Spoilers: First look at Lobo unveiled + Comic Con intel!

Syfy has unveiled the first look photo of Lobo, set to be introduced in the upcoming sophomore season of Krypton. The character is played by The Fall's Emmett J. Scanlan. 

Check it out below!


As per the official character's description: Lobo is "a ruthless bounty hunter, who murdered his entire species, and possesses a genius level intellect when it comes to matters of warfare, making him a deadly adversary. Imbued with superhuman strength, and virtually immortal, Lobo will keep coming until the job is finished."

"His word is the only thing Lobo holds sacred; and although he’ll never violate the letter of an agreement, he might disregard its spirit from time to time!"


Comic Con Bits (courtesy of Screen Spy):

  • Star Cameron Cuffe describes his character Seg’s relationship with Adam Strange as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They’re on the same journey, but in very different places.
  • As the storyline progresses, they work closely with DC guru Dan Evans to make sure the stories can work.
  • The only storyline that so far has been put on hold was a Green Lantern story that they’re still trying to work through to see if they can make happen.
  • Seg wants to believe that there is a way that not only can Kal-El live, but that Krypton can survive as well.
  • Cuffe’s favorite scene to film was in episode 6 in the catacombs, where everyone is debating the fate of the multi-verse. He said that as a fan, the results of that discussion are monumental.
  • Season 2 picks up 5 months after where we left off in Season 1.
  • Krypton will be very different from where we left it.
  • Adam Strange will be in Detroit in our current time, and we’ll be meeting people from his life.
  • Jayna-Zod will definitely be coming back to get at her grandson.
  • According to executive producer Cameron Welsh, the Phantom Zone is going to be a ‘freaky acid trip dream zone.’
  • The iconic character of Lobo will be making an appearance.
  • Brainiac is an important character, and there’s still a lot of story to tell. He wasn’t simply a Season 1 bad guy. 

Krypton returns sometime in 2019.

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Source: Screen Spy