Is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on Netflix right now?

Need your Grey’s Anatomy fix but don’t know where to stream it? We totally get how you feel.

If you’re wondering if the medical drama is currently available for streaming on Netflix right now, the answer is YES. However, the current thirteenth season is not yet available.

So when will Grey’s Anatomy season 13 arrive on Netflix? 

ABC and its parent company, Disney have come a long way over the years in creating new TV deals and new movie projects. For years, Grey's Anatomy has established itself as a top performing show on ABC and on Netflix.

That being said, there's no need to worry about the veteran series getting nixed from the digital platform (at least for now).

Since the show will wrap up this coming May 2017, it is usually expected that it will arrive on Netflix sometime during the fall of 2017. However, that early prediction proved to be false when season 11 and season 12 arrived on Netflix in mid-June.

With that new release schedule, it should be expected that season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy is coming to Netflix US in June 2017

While this is the case, you may still stream all episodes of Grey’s Anatomy up to Season 12. 

Now, let's jump to the second best option for you. 


If you’re not really into ‘Netflix and chill’ or you simply just wanna check out other platforms, don’t worry because there are other choices out there. 

On Hulu, the first 13 episodes are available; while on Direct TV and in the main ABC Site, only the first 5 episodes are up for streaming so far.  

Check out the links below to sign up:


Not in the mood to stream? That’s totally fine too. 

You can buy the latest 13 episodes of the series directly from Apple, Amazon, Youtube, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft and Fandango. This is a better option because you no longer have to wait until mid-2017 before the latest episodes arrive on Netflix. 

The price for each episode starts at $2.99 on Apple and Amazon. If you’re worried about resolution, don’t be. They all come in HD. 

If you’re on a budget, Amazon is offering an SD version for each episode that’s worth only $1.99. 

But if you’re on a binge-watching mood and want to go all in with a complete season, you may purchase any season of Grey’s Anatomy and get charged $27.99 for HD and $24.49 for SD.

We’ve listed all the links below so you can choose your best option:


Finally, the last option aka the DVD option. 

Yep. If you’re that hardcore of a fan and want an actual memorabilia of the case and probably some fun blooper reel, then the DVD path is the right one for you.

The Grey’s Anatomy DVDs can be purchased on, WalmartBest Buy and Amazon. If you’re already a Netflix subscriber, take note that you may only rent the DVD.