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Grimm Season 4: It Might the End of Nick and Juliette

Grimm Season 4: It Might the End of Nick and Juliette

Well, after last week's episode "Heartbreaker," we can safely assume that Nick and Juliette are not going to be hugging and kissing anytime soon.

According to Bitsie Tulloch, her character, Juliette is pissed off that her normalcy has been ripped away, and she will have no qualms about unleashing that anger toward anyone.

Not to mention, Juliette's beastly side is starting to take over:

The longer they’re racing to find a cure and they can’t, the further away she moves from her humanity. Her behavior becomes more and more monstrous. Again, it isn’t her fault. She’s under a spell. She’s fighting it a little bit right now, but at some point, if there is no cure, she might as well embrace who she is, which is now a villainess person. She is a threat to everyone around her now.

As Juliette comes to grasps with her new reality, one thing is certain: she is going to destroy Adalind. Tulloch says we are going to see just how powerful Juliette can be when she battles other people toward the end of the season. Also, the finale is going to be completely insane:

The end of the season is really cool. There’s a new royal in town, and basically all hell breaks lose when Juliette finds out about Adalind’s new pregnancy. She is beyond livid, almost murderous. The penultimate episode, which we’re filming right now, and the final episode of Season 4 change everything. Stuff happens that we haven’t done before, and it completely goes on its head into Season 5. I don’t mean that lightly. I know everyone always says, “It’s a crazy finale.” But this is a crazy finale, and it will alter the course of the show going forward.

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Source: Yahoo