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Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kelly McCreary, Ellen Pompeo preview "Be Still, My Soul"

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Kelly McCreary, Ellen Pompeo preview "Be Still, My Soul"

Grey's Anatomy co-stars Ellen Pompeo and Kelly McCreary have offered a preview about this week's episode, titled "Be Still, My Soul."

The upcoming hour, which also marks Pompeo's directorial debut, will delve on the return of Maggie's mother after having been diagnosed with cancer. 

Keep reading for the spoilers!



She’s dealing with mountains of emotion. 

Not only is she dealing with the news that her mom has cancer, but that the initial attempt to tackle it was not successful. It’s even more complicated than the already really frightening diagnoses of IBC. She’s dealing with that, she’s dealing with having the truth withheld from her from both Jackson [Jesse Williams] and her mother, and she’s dealing with a sense of deep regret that she behaved in the way she did because of the misunderstanding between her and her mother.

McCreary adds that the severity of her mother's illness will find Maggie in deep denial and clashing with her sister, Meredith:

Maggie can not hear it when Meredith tells her that what she wants to work won’t work. 

So she takes it out on Meredith. A part of what’s really sad to watch [in the unfolding drama] is how the reality and seriousness of this situation is apparent to everyone except Maggie. Because of the rose-colored glasses that she wears and a certain amount of denial that she’s in, she really can’t hear it.



The [potential] death of a mother is so quintessentially Grey’s Anatomy. 

I was really excited to get that episode. Meg Marinis wrote it, and I couldn’t have had a better partner with me and Meg together — we get along so well, I’m such a fan of her work. It’s a beautiful episode, wonderfully acted by Kelly McCreary and LaTanya Richardson Jackson. We’re just dealing with this one story, but I think it’s beautiful.

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